Truck Etape Béziers 

Whether at the restaurant, at the gas station, at the boutique or in the guarded and secure car park, all of our teams work to welcome you in the best possible conditions (30% discount on restaurant prices after 1-hour presence in the car park, loan of bicycles, traditional cuisine and free showers).

Availability, technical skills, languages, anticipation of your needs, smile… Led by dynamic and rigorous managers, each member of the Truck Etape Béziers staff takes pleasure in satisfying you and innovating in this direction.

Traveler from foreign countries? Our staff speak a maximum of languages ​​(English, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese ...) and where necessary, comprehension takes place through an exchange and translation system via tablet, so that you can travel with peace of mind.

The strong point of Truck Etape Béziers lies in our guarded and secure car park with 350 spaces. Dedicated to heavy goods vehicles and extremely efficient, it also accommodates refrigerated trucks.

In addition to state-of-the-art video surveillance, you have the assurance of a permanent human presence, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Access control is carried out with photos and registration of the number plates of each truck. The entire surface of the car park, as well as the surroundings of the area are covered by numerous high-performance HD cameras, connected to the security checkpoint.


The management of flows and the parking of heavy goods vehicles are becoming a major concern for the local communities.

  • Road safety
    - Ensure the rest of the drivers in good conditions.
    - Channel the flows and the unauthorized parking of trucks on the outskirts of towns and major highways.
    Safety of goods
    - Increase in thefts of goods and fuel, which causes significant costs for carriers and insurance companies, and waste of time during declarations...
  • Hygiene
    - Guarantee drivers of hygienic conditions thus avoiding inconvenience caused to residents.
  • Comfort and services.
    - Breaking obligations imposed to the drivers are increasingly numerous, 9 to 11 hours daily, Saturday Sunday and holidays, bill imposing the justification of a hotel night per week… They must be able to take advantage of these breaks in appropriate, secure
    locations with a wide range of services.
    - Sanitary, Recreation opportunities, Wi-Fi, Laundromat, Snacking, loan of electric vehicles ... and a heart of life represented by catering

For these multiple reasons, drivers, carriers, insurers and public authorities all agree to set up paid secure HGV parking areas (PPLS) offering these services.



The C4T Group is committed to providing commercial road transport companies and their drivers with safe parking, refuelling and service facilities across Europe.

The C4T team, from management to on-site staff, has decades of experience in the commercial road transport sector in Europe and is therefore aware of the challenges faced by companies and drivers operating in the sector.


The DK TRUCKS PARK heavy-duty car park located in the town of Craywick (59) near the West Port of Dunkirk with a capacity of 445 places, offers a secure parking area to allow road drivers to make a step in safety and serenity by providing showers and toilets under permanent cleaning.

The site offers drivers adapted and free services.

The car park is equipped with exit toll terminals, which accept payment by TIS-PL badges.


If today, internationally renowned companies, industrialists and large distributors trust us, it is because they find in the Kimmel group a reliable, efficient and innovative partner.

Availability, reliability, punctuality are the key words of our company. We are at your disposal to answer all your requests, as soon as possible.
To do this, we are constantly investing in the renewal of our rolling stock, handling, management, telecommunications and IT.


Calais Truckstop:  The 1st ever concept that includes a secure parking for trucks, and a tank cleaning station (food & industrial) as well as a truck wash (tautliners,reefers…) 

Calais Truckstop is located in the best place for organizing resting times of truck drivers. At the crossroad of international trades, between the Benelux ports and the Northern French ports, CTS offers a safe and relaxing stop.

Exit 48 Transmarck I A16/E40 to the North and the South of Europe I  A26 to Germany and Paris

Calais Truckstop make you benefit from a top security level for drivers, trucks and goods. Security and comfort of truck drivers is our priority. Our extensive equipment testifies to this.

293 places for trucks I open 24/7

Our site is equipped of a high-tech tank cleaning station (food and industrial), which meets the most demanding standards in terms of hygiene and safety, and with the greatest respect for the environment.

Dedicated location I Fully equipped I Waste water treatment

A comfortable and safe stopover for truck drivers

During the day or at night for a short or a long stopover, in transit or waiting for loading, our site is designed to welcome your truck drivers in the best conditions and in a fully secure environment.

Relaxation room I Sanitary I Laundry I Food and beverage vending machines

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