Park+ is an innovative parking concept in France, offering a level of safety and comfort reserved exclusively for heavy-goods vehicles


Security of goods

Fully-fenced area, equipped with a secure access entrance

Intrusion detection system

Video-surveillance 24/7

Presence of a site attendant


Facilities for truck drivers

Catering (table service, bar)

Relaxation room with TV

Washroom area (toilets and showers)

WiFi access

These infrastructures meet the expectations of carriers and their customers, as well as the requirements of insurance companies in terms of a theft-indemnity clause. From the motorway, they are specifically sign-posted. 

For both French and international truck drivers in transit, Park+ provides 2 additional waypoints which complement the existing infrastructure on the French motorway network:


The 4th largest motorway management group in Europe, APRR is owned by Eiffarie (a consortium involving Eiffage [majority stake] and Macquarie Autoroutes de France). APRR finances, builds, maintains and manages motorways and toll structures entrusted to it by the State in return for toll payments. Under the terms of the concession agreements, the Group makes significant investments along its 2,323 km network. The objective is to preserve the assets entrusted to it, improve the travel experience and satisfy the new mobility requirements of its customers. The 3,500 APRR employees provide efficient transport infrastructures and assist customers at every stage of their journey by ensuring that they are safe, informed and comfortable.


Egis is an international group specialising in infrastructure engineering, project management and operations. It provides engineering and consultancy in the areas of transportation, urban development, building, water, the environment and energy. In the road and airport sectors, its services extend to project development, capital investment, turnkey facilities, operations and mobility services. Creating a sustainable future, while serving the people...that is our vocation. We are committed to meeting the challenges faced by the planet and to supporting energy, ecological, digital and territorial transition for the general good. With 13,600 employees, including 8,200 in engineering, the Group generated €1.050 billion in managed revenues in 2017. Egis is a 75%-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts with the remaining 25% owned by partner executives (Iosis Partenaires) and employees (employee shareholder funds - FCPE).

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